Indy Runners: Zionsville Anti-Mini Marathon  

Location: Zionsville Town Hall
Date / Time: 5/5/2012 (7:25 a.m.)
Distance(s): 13.1
Contact: Jeff
Web Site:
Race Information: The 2012 Anti-Mini will feature a slightly revised course that will begin and end at the shelter behind the Zionsville Town Hall. You may choose to run one loop (4.4 miles), two loops (8.7 miles), or all 3 loops (13.1 miles). The course is a beautiful tree lined trail through the Zionsville Rail Trail and Starkey Parks. There is no registration or entry fee. Just show up and run. Race times are tracked by our reliable big clock. There are no aid stations (although you may bring your own water, Gatorade etc. and visit it every 4.4 miles at the picnic table). You may park behind the Zionsville Town Hall a few steps from the start/finish line. If it rains, it will be muddy.
Entry Forms:

Map (use for general idea of race location and not precise location of event.)