Indy Runners Charity XC Challenge


Inaugural Indy Runners Charity XC Challenge
Saturday, June 23, 2018
5 kilometers
North Central High School Cross Country course

Form a team of 5 runners and/or walkers or compete unaffiliated. Teams may be all-male, all-female or co-ed. The top teams in each division will win prize money for the charity of their choice.


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Who can be a team?
Any five people of any pace or gender (co-ed teams must have at least 2 runners of the same gender). Think about the people you run with on Saturday mornings, share coffee with at the office, or bump into at the local running store as you peruse the buffet of gel flavors.

How does running for a Charity work?
Designate a charity that your team will represent. It could be the Special Olympics, American Cancer Society, Humane Society, Back on My Feet, etc. The charitable organization just needs a Tax ID/EIN number that we can verify.  We will pay out "prize money" to the designated charities of the Top 5 finishing teams in each race as described below. We also encourage teams to raise additional funds for their charities directly. This isn't required, but the more help we can provide to as many organizations as possible, the better.

Saturday, June 23, 2018
7:30-8:30am: Check-in
9:00am: The women’s race (female runners and females from co-ed teams) will go in one heat. A men’s heat will follow (male teams and male runners from co-ed teams). Watch pre-race announcements for specific start times for each heat.

This isn’t a relay? How do teams work?
Runners within each heat start at the same time and run the entire 5km course. Each position score for a 5-person team and the top 5 unaffiliated runners score as a team. First place (age graded, see below) receives 1 point, 12th place is 12 points, 84th place is 84 points, and so on. The lowest scoring 5-person team wins.

What happens if I'm not on a team, i.e., "unattached"?
That's totally fine! Register yourself without specifying a team, and we will assign you to either the male or female "Team Unattached". Unaffiliated runners' prize money will be donated to the North Central Course Fund through the Washington Township Advancement Center. The Top 5 finishers of the male and female "Team Unattached" teams will also be eligible for the first through fith place charity donations, with a possibility of donating even more to the North Central Course Fund! Big thanks to North Central for hosting!

Will times be age-graded?
Yes, to level the playing field, age grading will be applied in line with USATF guidelines.

Is this a walker-friendly event?
Yes. Walkers maintaining a 17:00/mile pace are encouraged to participate. They may do so on a team with other walkers or runners, or may do so unaffiliated.

What is the registration deadline?
Online registration closes on Wednesday, June 20, 2018. On-site registration may be available race mornng, but we strongly encourage everyone to pre-register.

Will there be awards?
The top five teams in each division will compete for donations to the charity of their choice. Charities will be specified when registering and prize checks will be mailed by Indy Runners within 30 days of the race.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • First place: 40% of prize purse
  • Second place: 30% of prize purse
  • Third place: 15% of prize purse
  • Fourth place: 10% of prize purse
  • Fifth place: 5% of prize purse

Are team uniforms and tents allowed?
Teams are encouraged to dress similarly, however, uniforms are not required. Teams may bring 10x10 tents and will be able to set them up on a first-come, first-serve basis, as space allows. Participants and spectators are encouraged to share tents.

Are spectators allowed along the course?
YES! We encourage families and friends to join in the fun and cheer on the racers. Please be mindful of course safety and etiquette. Enough said.

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