Indy Runners and Walkers VIP Program

What is the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP)?

Indy Runners and Walkers is a volunteer led organization with a mission to promote fitness, wellness, and community through running and walking as lifelong endeavors. This “VIP” program seeks to identify and reward those who consistently give of their time over the course of the year to help make our club what it is.


How do I earn points?

Points are earned based on time volunteered for each of our different Indy Runners and Walkers events, races, and programs, as well as with time spent volunteering on behalf of the club at other events, races, or programs.
Our own club events are weighted to earn more points - with special emphasis on some of the more valuable and time consuming efforts which go into organizing and administrating these events (Groundhog 7, Sam Costa Half and Quarter Marathons, Bulldog Jog, spring and summer training programs, etc.)


What are the rewards?

For the first 20-points = Special Indy Runners/Walkers VIP shirt
Every 5-points after 20 = $5 gift card to the Indy Runners and Walkers gear store

Season long volunteer championship levels:
  • Bronze = 10-points
  • Silver = 20-points
  • Gold = 30-points
  • Platinum = 50-points
  • Diamond = 100-points
(With special recognition and awards at our year-end banquet.)


How do I earn more points?

Whenever we make a call for volunteers, there is the opportunity to earn more points. Here are links to our next big needs - our Sam Costa and Bulldog Jog races:




Questions can be sent to our vice-president and membership Chair, Tracy Snider at  
Thanks so much to everyone who gives of their time to help our club do such fun things for our running and walking community.