Indy Runners: Three Thieves and a Murderer Mystery Hunt  

Location: Forest Park
Date / Time: 11/18/2017 (2:00pm)
Distance(s): 1 mile
Contact: Hawa Russell
Web Site:
Race Information: Skid-Z is pleased to announce Three Thieves and a Murderer Mystery Hunt at Forest Park in Noblesville, IN on November 18 and 19 of 2017. The event will be held outdoors. Participants will race from one clue to the next in a quest to solve a mystery. Clues will consist of codes, puzzles, mini-games, activities and more! The hunt is a great get-together for family, friends, co-workers neighbors and even visitors. The skill level of the hunt is designed for ages 15 and up. Younger children are welcome to enter but must be accompanied by an adult to help them with clues. Tickets are $25 per team. Visit to secure your spot!
Entry Forms:

Map (use for general idea of race location and not precise location of event.)