Indy Runners: Lovestruck 5K  

Location: Round Town Brewing Company
Date / Time: 2/11/2018 (10:00 a.m.)
Distance(s): 5K, 5.7 miles
Web Site:
Race Information: Lovestruck Run Indy is back in beautiful downtown Indianapolis! Once again you can pick your race division either the Lovestruck Run Indy-Single 5k, Taken 5k, Couple 5k, or “Running’s My True Love 5.7 Miler” divisions! This race is a Valentine’s Day treat for all. If you are single, the plan is simple: grab your ladies/fellas, some breath mints, your cutest running gear, and come ready to mingle on a course catered just for SINGLES!! If you’re in a relationship, no matter how “complicated”-this is also a perfect race for you and the headache (aka: significant other) to trot along beautiful downtown Indy and rekindle all those ooey gooey/lovey dovey feelings along a course designed just for couples or “off the market” individuals. Lastly-if your true love is running then sign up for the longer Lovestruck 5.7 Miler that sends you out and back on both the 5k courses to give you the longest run possible….of course 5.7 milers get the biggest bling of all to mark their true love of running. We bring the fun, the laughter, the fast course, and the epic after party-all you have to do is prove that you can still have a blast with the ol’ ball and chain! Get signed up early folks, cause we are going to fill the streets of Indianapolis with the most awkwardly fun Valentine’s Day event in history! Join us on 2/11/18 for this potentially life changing event-Lovestruck Run Indy, making magic happen one run at a time.
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